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Strategy is nothing unless it is activated

For any strategy, the one and only honesty check is the implementation phase. No strategy is viable unless it’s components have been effectively implemented.

When it comes to a brand, a strategy can have multiple implementation phases, which are influenced by how deep and broad the impact is intended to be. Implementation may need to be done with multiple external partners, internally across business units and globally spanning multiple countries (and different operating models).

Building a brand requires multiple components to work together and a revamped strategy impacts all of these components. Some (if not all) of these components include communication / marketing / advertising, packaging, visual identity, distribution, stocking, pricing, customer experience, innovation and manufacturing.

Areas of Expertise


My approach towards brand strategy is strongly driven by a implementation and activation mindset. A strategy has to work on the ground to be effective. I work in the domains of positioning / repositioning, growth opportunity identification, segmentation and data driven strategy formulation


I have been fortunate to work on global programme management exercises for multinational FMCG / CPG manufacturers. My expertise lies in global and local stakeholder management, rollout and implementation support, design and adherence to harmonisation principles, framework design,standards and guardrails design, best practice codification and ensuring local-global coordination


Organisations / brand owners collect tons of data these days. Much of it lies unused, is ineffective, is irrelevant and lacks actionability. My expertise lies in effectively leveraging data assets for increased actionability. Different data tell different stories. I help join them to create the wider picture, which is critical for strategy implementation.

This is not a machine learning or deep analytical capability, but my experience in understanding varied data sets (sales data, household panel data, any form of strategic research, qualitative understanding, external reports / thought pieces / opinions, analyst findings, digital or social listening data, CRM, customer satisfaction etc.) and bringing them together for stronger actionability


I approach creative strategy from a 'data-driven' lens, which means harnessing pre-testing and post-launch evaluation and tracking data to create a holistic understanding of creative performance. This uncovers opportunities for strengthening creative performance in the next campaign or fine-tuning a current campaign to improve impact


My consumer insights expertise is in the quantitative domain. Research for me is not only a validation exercise, but equally a discovery and exploratory one. I can design, run and implement research programmes in the areas of brand equity mapping, brand tracking, usage & attitude, segmentation, concept and idea testing and any other form of ad-hoc strategic brand research


I love writing about brands both in a personal and professional capacity. My expertise lies in the codification of brand vision and purpose, framing brand positioning, articulation of brand management principles and guardrails and creation of induction materials. I am equally capable in creating short-form and long-form thought pieces, opinions and perspectives for company blogs, websites or any other social media channels

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